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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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here with police shot it out with three bank robbery suspects . two are dead. but so is a hostage. one of the gunman used a third and final hostage, the bank customer, as a child. >> the victim, misty holt-singh identified the body. her cousin says her 12-year-old daughter was waiting in the car when the bank gob robbed at 2:00. >> she was innocent bystander and left her kid in the car, goes inside, whatever happened, happened, her daughter called the husband. >> they took two female bank employees and led police on a high speed chase while firing with an assault rifle. 14 squad cars were hit along the
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way police say the two employees either jumped or were thrown out of the car while traveling at 50 miles per hour. >> she was on the ground and her leg was torn up and the fire department wasn't this yet and no one was there. >> the bank has a history of being robbed and the suspects may be connected to previous robberies. the family of misty is upset. they believe this could have been handled better. there were a lot of bullets fires so it will take an autopsy and ballistic tests to determine how she was killed. the friends and family and total strangers are offering condolences or her facebook page. many are sickened and saddened. other writes "rest in peace, misty," and overing prayers. we will take you for the latest on the investigation and you can
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get updates on and twitter. the oakland athletics are done negotiating a new lease at the coliseum although the city council modified the deal. the city council passed the new deal by 5-2 vote. it project more than $20 million in revenue for oakland and alameda county did 2.5 time generateed the last decade. >> we accepted 99.9 percent of everything. this clean up language. nothing if here that affects the economics. >> disappointed. we are playing rid and continuing a great season and we will see where we go. >> the alameda county board supervisors must aproblem the deal before it is official. with a snip of the scissors
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levee stadium is transformed from expensive construction project to living and breathing sports stadium. amy hollyfield is in santa clara with a preview of the ceremony. amy? >> finally. the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the stadium looks ready. crews yesterday were finishing last-minute details to get ready for the day. until commissioner is expected to be here to sell operate the $1.2 billion stadium. it has 68,000 seats and the first football season is sold out. however, the first event will not be football, it is san jose earthquake game august 17. the first football team is accept 14 against broncos. we will take you find later today with cameras rolling as we
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get a tour of the new stadium. we will show you inside levi stadium. the t.s.a. is investigating how a man could pose as an officer and patdown at least a woman at sfo the 53-year-old san francisco man directed a woman into a private screening booth at the airport and caught by real t.s.a. screamers trying to get a second woman in the booth at area a security in the international terminal. authorities say the man was wearing clothes similar to those t.s.a. agents wear and was arrested for public drunkenness but authorities are trying to track down the women involved. the man could face more serious charges if they find him. >> burglars are loose in the north bay. hopefully someone can identify the young man.
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a surveillace camera captured the women accused of burglarizing a home on saturday night at 10:30. they could be linked to other burglaries. police are using youtube to tram down a suspect accused of stealing an 11-year-old boy's bicycle and threatening with a knife. this is the suspect and his friends at 7-eleven. the suspect is on the bicycle with another person a few minutes later. the parent of a san jose student who hanged himself at school are suing the university for $11 million. he was found dead in the dom in san jose state in february and according to our media partner the campus police and resident advisors talked to him and knew he was upset and the school is facing a suit from the family of another student who claims he
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was bullied for months by the four white roommates. >> customs at the water direct could be paying more for water although they are using less. they meet to consider a water rate hike to make up for $15 million budget game blamed on drought. directors considering a surcharge for customers who keyed man difficultied water use levels, the more they used higher the charge. it would take affect on monday. the meeting is open to the public at the district office in fremont. >> people are documenting violations now that state has ordered mandatory water restrictions. san francisco workers are watering the sidewalks which is allowed. the public utility commission says recycleed water is okay to
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if you remember, yesterday morning at this time we had drizzle. what is the difference? >> still drizzle along the coast. my hair was telling me it was less humid. my hair talks to me in the morning and it is less human. it will continue to be less humid as the morning wears on. temperatures are 61 in oakland and 63 in san carlos and 63 in san jose and 59 in gilroy and half moon bay. the next 12 hours, if you travel along highway 1 through half moon bay, those areas, be careful because slick conditions can start the morning and we are going do wake up to 62 degrees as the average around the bay and 68 along the coast and by noon we will be partly sunny if most areas and temperatures are going to be mild, 66 around the
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bay and 64 along the coast and we warm up to the mid-80's and mid-70's around the bay and low 60's along the coast and increasing clouds come in again and i will have the full ten-day forecast. with traffic, we have high winds and a high wind advisory for the antioch bridge, cartinez bridge, so be careful when you travel if you drive anything high sided. as we drop down into the maze what we have is construction work that will last until 5:00 this morning from the incline to the first tower you will notice the crews so slow for the cone zone. it could slow down the commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza you can see how empty it is, quiet, with the fast trackers are moving along without any problems and you get into san francisco it is clear and accident-free.
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a glimmer of hope in the middle east as hamas and israel call a cease-fire and we are this washington with the international effort to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. >> an emotional night as mime sam the first openly gay pro football player talks about being true to himself. >> rabbits in the bay area and you can help along with
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 4:41 on thursday. from the embarcadero, check out the bay bridge and the flags whipping about, light breezes, we do have more fog drizzle out there and leyla gulen has the
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weather and commute. >> israel's military claims three mortar shells have been fired from gaza halfway into a five hour humanitarian cease-fire went shoe affect. now the latest from washington. today in gaza a temporary cease-fire the u.n. got both israel and hamas to agree to end the fighting for five hours and the palestinians stocked up on food and water and supplies but israel wants if hamas fires rockets they will respond. >> israel has to defend its citizens as any normal country would against terrorists. >> when was another bloody day. after israeli airstrikes on a beach. four boys were killed, two brothers and two cousins between 9 and 11. the boys deaths were called "a
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tragic outcome." 222 palestinians have been killed and many wounded. hamas is fighting back, firing rockets at israel and vows to continue until a cease-fire includes release of hamas prisoners. in tel aviv israelis gather for the first citizen killed a map distributing food to soldiers. president obama urged both sides to call a truce. >> we have been heartbroken by the violence especially the death and injury of so many innocent civilians in gaza. men and women and children have been caught. >> hours best cease-fire the israelis thwarted an attack by militants would snuck into israel through a tunnel and israel launched more air strikes . a wildfire is forcing the evacuations of 850 homes in washington state and there is zero containment on the fast moving fire burn 10 miles from
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leavenworth in central washington and it is now at 1,200 acres sparked by lightning. the smoke was 25,000' in the air burning through the timber. 15 mile trip of u.s. highway two is closed and not known when it will re-open. sport fans are talking about the special moment from the 22nd annual awards, 49ers quaterback kaepernick exported the high water and no sock left. the emotional moment when michael sam the first openly gay player drafted into the nfl accepted the arthur ashe courage award. if he makes the rams he is the first openly gay player in the league. >> anyone out this, especially young people, you feel like you don't fit in and will not be
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accepted please note: great things...great things can happen if you have the courage to be yourself. thank you and god bless. >> at 7:00 a.m., robin roberts looks at the best moment the awards. >> robin last year courage award winner so i am sure she has special thoughts. >> great on go through all of that. >> being yourself is never easy. >> are wearing red i notice. >> 49ers ribbon cutting. red and gold. >> red and gold. >> red and gold. we have the weather, as well, because it will be nice, mild temperatures and we wake up to drizzle along the coast and here is a look to the embarcadero and we have a breeze with flags growing in a western direction at this hour.
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it is going to be breezy, a southern breeze and well humid through the day but now we have gusts up to 32 miles per hour in fairfield and ten miles per hour in concord and oakland is 14 blimp and calm at fog and three miles per hour at san carlos and calm elsewhere. we will see the breeze kicking in. we do have fog and low clouds that will continue to develop over the morning hours bringing us drizzle but it will be lets human. board is warmer this morning than yesterday and 52 degrees in concord and lafayette and walnut creek and pittsburg and dublin/pleasanton, 63 degrees in oakland and hayward and 63 at fog and 58 in daly city. we have trough of high pressure that will come in bringing our temperatures over the weekend
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especially as we hit wednesday and we are going to look at the century mark by wednesday with highs today in the upper 70's and mid-70's for the south bay and 76 in milpitas and 77 in sunnyvale. redwood city is 76 and 65 at half moon bay and going to be mostly cloudy in those areas and partly cloudy for the rest of us and 70's in south san francisco in the north bay, 88 in ukiah and closer to home, 76 in sonoma and 73 in vallejo and east bay, upper 60's to lower 70's inland and it will be warmest with upper 70's to lower to mid-80's. lows with fog and temperatures in the upper 50's to the lower 60's so here is our seven-day forecast, you can see the temperatures you ramping up to the weekend and remain aing up, again, as we hit wednesday. traffic right now shows a
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project that will wrap up at 6:00 this morning and it is on the eastbound side of 580 from san ramon to 680 the dublin interchange so be careful, a few extra cars making it up to the interchange and we have a roth that will be around until 6:00, westbound side of day bridge from the incline to the tower, no traffic whatever this morning. bay area bunnies are multi flying and well liked bunnies causing a surge in the population at the peninsula humane society. >> there are 58 rabbits at the shelter up 50 percent from this time last year. >> we believe because of the time they came to us that many those were eastern season impulse buys, purchased by families who thought it was a good idea and realized it was too much care or the novelty wore off and they dumped them at
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the shelter. the peninsula humane society is waiving adoption fees for rabbits which make great pets and can live 10 or 12 years but you have to be willing to learn to care for them properly. >> home prices wild and san francisco became the bay area's first million dollar city. >> a vitamin millions take to control cholesterol could be doing more harm than good. ♪ hard day's night >> are you looking at youngest beatles' fan ever? he turned his love of the fab
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at
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good morning, at the bay bridge eastern span is a little
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bit foggy and drizzley but not to the degree of yesterday. we will check with leyla gulen watching roads and the weather. >> the median price for a single family home or condo in san francisco hit $1 million for the first time in june. according to the stats this is the first type, the result of limited inventory and cash buyers willing to pay anything to get into the market. many are technical workers with i.p.o. money but the hope for buyers is the home price appreciation is throwing for the bay area region the median price in union was $618,000. >>the drought is leading to a new restriction in yosemite, camp fires are banned below 6,000'. the national park service says
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rainfall has been below normal and they trying to reduce a chance of the fire in the driest areas. campfires and picnic areas are still allowed. boeing is show of off the new 787 dreamliner. look at the pictures releasing video of the secret rehearsing for an air show in england moving straight up after a steep climb the pilots twisted and turned and perform a touch and go maneuver with the seven ton aircraft designed to haul 280 passengers. boeing is trying to impress the executives and stay ahead of airbus which is unveiling the new model which is the answer to the dreamliner. >> i am terrified. >> here is a look at fog which is not is bad as a we have been expensing early this week but spotty drizzle loan the coast for the morning commute and less
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human today, cooler in some areas and the weekend warmup is ahead. we will see how the remark is moving along on the roadways with a project eastbound 580 will wrap up at 6:00 and we are seeing a buildup of traffic in the westbound direction. we are on the brakes coming up to 580 and it turns into 56 miles per hour approaching the altamont pass and you are good to go in the westbound direction but the eastbound north flynn road you will find construction crews until 6:00. in oakland, southbound 880 from 98th to davis we will have construction, as well, so lanes are intermitently closed with the wrapping in a few minutes. we have an update on a bay area mother who collapse granddaughter an aneurysm two weeks ago when a blood vessel burst. she had surgeryies at stanford.
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her family contacted us to say he is awake and no longer in a coma. the family asked for help in paying for medical bills and say the story got the word out across the globe. donations exceeded $100,000 in just a week. >> a big set back for south san francisco bay biotech giant with experimental alzheimer's disease drug failing to slow decline in those with mild-to-moderate stages of the disease and pneumonia and death were more common but no links to the drug were established. it seemed it have helped those least impaired who took high dose averages. another study involving the drug is underway. a popular cholesterol-fighting drug could be causing more harm than good, niacin is a type of b vitamin but the new studies conclude
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that it does not prevent heart trouble any better than lipitor drugs alone and it caused more side effects including pleading, infections and other problems. >> they played the last concert long before this kid was born but that does not stop a five-year-old boy from loving the beatles. ♪ hard day's night ♪ and i've been working, working like a dog ♪ >> wait, i want to listen! he has been listening to the fab four as long as he can remember. he is called a miracle the only survivor of a set of triplets. he made it but he attended ringo starr's concert in san jose and played his drums. he is learning to play guitar. why does he like them so much? >> i love them because they always have good music and they
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make music lovin' people and don't want to hurt people. just love people. >> positive message. king's mother is inspired by her son's passion and has had four recurrences of breast cancer and now fighting ovarian cancer. they have tickets for the concert at candlestick with paul mccart my and they hope they get a chance to meet sir paul. >> a woman get as security patdown at sfo. the man doing the search turns out to be an imposter. we have the questions being asked this morning. >> running gun battle ends in the death of two suspects and an innocent hostage. >> the bittersweet homecoming 60 years in the making.
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good morning, it is 5:00 this morning, hope you slept well. so glad you are with us. >> we will see how the weather is treating you this morning. satellite is picking up fog along the coast and it is bringing spotty drizzle for the coastal communities. sfo shows it is clear and there will be increasing clouds but the next 12 hours you will be partly cloudy for the areas and the rest of day is topping out in the lower 70's and mid-60's around the bay and


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